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Salon & Spa Online Consulting Service

Pampering Pages now offers business owners an online consulting service and marketing advice to improve your web presence and maximise your earnings potential.

While online marketing is new for many, it’s quickly becoming essential for salons and spas to survive in this new marketing environment. Online does not equal free. It takes time and some experience to find success online. We work with our clients to get their online programs running efficiently, getting them real results with their local business.


“Our aim is to showcase your business and help you connect with clients”



Social Media

Your social presence is no longer an option. We can help you get the chatter going and make sure you stay in control of the conversation.
Connecting with your audience on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram brings you into their social circles, extending your relationship boundaries and enables you to boost your bottom line in ways previously not possible.

Common Questions

  • How do I gain more clients from my website?
  • Why do my competitors have more followers on Facebook and Twitter?
  • Why does my salon business not show up in Google?
  • How do I go about adding a booking system to my website?
  • Why does my website not look good on my mobile phone?

What we do

  • Online Business & Brand Analysis
  • Website & Social Media Review & Recommendations
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Online Email & Advertising Campaigns
  • Video, Mobile & SEO
  • Solutions & Enhancements

The customers you’re looking for, are looking for you — on Google

We know just how to make your website appealing, unique, and rank at the top of Google.
To prove how we can help you connect with new customers, we’re offering you $100 in bonus AdWords advertising credit when you sign up for our Pampering Pages Consultancy Service.









Remember building online exposure for your Salon or  Spa is our speciality.