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Boost your customers and bottom line with a smart social media strategy

Jules Hayden“To remain competitive, all salon owners and stylists should invest in some form of web presence and online marketing strategy regardless of whether they work from home or run a large hairdressing salon,” says Jules Hayden, Director of - a Kiwi based online directory for the hair, spa, beauty and wellness industry.

Having a good website is the first step to growing your business. It’s important to create a compelling storefront that not only explains who you are and what you offer, but demonstrates to potential customers that you’re a credible business. “Your website should set you apart from your competitors,” says Jules. “If you don’t have a web presence you’re missing opportunities to engage with customers and drive the growth of your business”.

Once you have a website up and running, you need a social media plan – a “must” for today’s hair and beauty business, says Jules. “Social media is important for letting your customers know what’s going on in your business, but it’s also a helpful way for salon owners to keep an eye on what’s being said about their business online.“

Social media is no longer optional. It drives consumer habits and is the first—and in many cases, the only—point of contact for consumers. Salons that have embraced social media are more likely to report an increase in new and returning clients and in turn profitability.

“These days a good recommendation can be the difference between gaining a new customer and losing out to a competitor,” says Jules. “A review on a forum or social media gives people a glimpse into what your salon experience is really like.”

But it’s important to remain professional when using social media, cautions Jules. “Blurring the lines between your personal social media accounts and that of your business is a definite no, no,” she says. “Invest in your business account in a professional manner and you’ll reap the rewards. This means avoiding showing pictures of a night out with friends alongside an image of you cutting a client’s hair. It may not evoke professionalism and clients could be discouraged from investing in your services”.

A recent survey conducted by Pampering Pages revealed a quarter of hair and beauty businesses in New Zealand didn’t have a web presence and larger percentage were not even involved in social media.

When you’re running your own small business you don’t have the luxury of being surrounded by teams of marketing or digital experts, like you would in larger organisations. This is where a directory service like Pampering Pages can help by taking care of your online marketing.

Listing your business on Pampering Pages ensures it’s easily findable by people searching for services just like yours. Beauty seekers use the Pampering Pages website to browse the services they’re interested in as well as discover the latest deals, reviews, gift vouchers, news and competitions – all from one convenient location.

As a beauty business, you can personalise your profile by integrating your social media accounts, uploading videos and photos, and adding daily deals, special offers as well as your business menu. You can also include directions to your salon using a handy Google Map feature. You can even manage and respond to ratings, or set up a gift voucher scheme, all from your own secure dashboard.

It’s quick and easy to set up a profile for your business on Pampering Pages – and your listing can be live immediately. No fuss or hassle. There’s also a dedicated team on hand to provide support the minute you need it.

Pampering Pages has a team of website Investigators who review businesses across New Zealand, providing honest, independent and comprehensive reviews.

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